I got to love hash brown when I was in the USA. They serve it for breakfast with eggs and bacon and sausage with some toast. Hash brown is basically grinded raw potatoes, what they usually bake in the oven. – But you can make it in a pot as well on the cooker. They bake it nice golden brown and cut it up for the serving. They normally season it with salt and pepper only. I have made it this time with a twist. I decided to add eggs and bacon to the potatoes and serve it together. This is how I made our Sunday breakfast and we had not even a toast with it. It was filling alone.


For:  2 people


  1. We grind the potatoes on a bigger cheese grinder. We add the bacon and the cheese then we mix in the eggs and the spices and the garlic too. We can also add the parsley. We mix it well.
  2. We heat up the ghee and when it is already hot, we can put in the hash brown mix with a spoon. We can also fry it as one piece in a pot and then cut it up afterwards. I chose the spoon version as it gets earlier baked and also it will have more of the crispy part.