I have not even realized that my neighbor has chickens until he has come over and gave me some fresh eggs. I told him that in the future we shall buy the eggs from him and not from the store so we can be sure to always have fresh eggs. In the happiness of having fresh eggs, I decided to make for dinner one of favorite childhood dishes, homemade dumplings with eggs and fresh salad. We used to eat this dish around May when I was a child when you could already buy fresh salad at the vegetable shops. My mom has made this dish all the time so I learnt from her how to make dumplings that are not sticky. I had nice memories coming back when I prepared this dish. And the view that you have when the eggs are scrambled is not comparable to store eggs, they were beautiful yellow. Attention, this dish you must serve when it is ready, as it is best eaten immediately.


For:  4 people


  1. We mix the flour and the eggs, add the salt and step by step the water as well so that we do not get a too thick or too thin dough. In the meanwhile we boil water with salt. We put the dough in the boiling water with the special dumpling-making tool and wait for the dumplings to come on the top of the water. We cook them for about 1-2 min. I have a tool that makes nice small ones.
  2. We take them out of the water into a bit of ghee or oil in order to avoid them stick to each other. Then we put in the water another portion of dumplings, never too much at a time. We make the scrambled eggs to a state we like and then mix it together with the dumplings.
  3. We mix in a jar the ingredients of the salad dressing, close the jar, shake it and then pour it on the lettuce just before serving.