Kale & potatoes used to be not one of my favorite childhood dishes but by now I got to like it so much that I make it quite a lot. My German husband does not like our Hungarian style vegetable sauces so to him I always „sell them as a thicker soup. This vegetable sauce is special because I thicken it with its own vegetables and some sauce with a help of a mixer.


For:  4 person


  1. We cook ready the kale and the potatoes with the spices with as much water as to cover the veggies. If all is cooked, we prepare the thickening. We take out from the cooked veggies and water a big spoonful and this we mix with sour cream and a hand mixer we make it smooth, We pour this back in the pot and turn it with the cooked veggies and water. We can further season with salt & pepper if we like.
  2. We can have some meatballs or a bit of stew with it.