For:  4 people


  1. We slice the sausages up, we cut the two slices of lard in so that the fat can nicely cook out. We fry both the sausages and the lard. We take them out of the fat when they are ready and then we put both fats aside too. We prepare the stew. We fry the onions, we add the meat (small cubes) too and fry it as well, then we can add the paprika slices and the tomato pieces. After, we can season it with salt, pepper and paprika powder. We pour a little water on it so it covers the meat. We cook it ready in about an hour.
  2. In the meanwhile, we drain the cabbage and wash it through with running water so that it shall be not so sour. If we are done, we steam the sour cabbage on the left over lard fat in about 30-45 min. We also cook the rice ready with a t of salt covered with double amount of water in about 20 min.
  3. When everything is ready, we can start the layering. We spread some lard on the bottom of the casserole. We put one layer of cabbage on the bottom of the casserole. Then we put a layer of rice, then a layer of stew and sausage. We pour on it a bit of sour cream and a bit of sausage fat that is leftover. We start layering with the cabbage again which I finish with cabbage and then pour sour cream over it. I put on the top the fried sausage left over and the bacon pieces. We bake it ready in the oven in 25 min on 190 degrees.