Korean BBQ chicken legs with spring onions and toasted sesame seeds


For:  4 people


  1. We prepare the sauce for the bbq. We put the vinegar and the soy sauce into a pot. In a small pan we put the sugar and caramelize it with a spoon of water. When it is done with add the mix we made before from the vineagar and the soy sauce. Take care, step back, it will fizzle. Mix it well and cook it a thick sauce in about 5 min. Put it aside.
  2. We put some oil on each piec of meat and then salt and pepper. We grill both sides for about 10-10 mins. We start grilling with the skiny side. Then when we are ready, we can cream them with the bbq sauce and put it back for 2-2 min both sides on the grill. When they are ready we turn them round in the seasme seeds, and also put some cut spring onions on them.
  3. Our guest will fall off their chairs. We can serve it with brown rice or fresh mixed green salad.