Light summer dish, it is excellent for family or friends bbqs in the garden because you can prepare it meanwhile you are chatting with your loved ones even on a small bbq. Int he summer heat, this is a pleasant dish and it feels good for the soul: a green herbed lamb burger with the feta and the grilled tomatoes. I made them in the garden.


For:  4 people


  1. We whip the feta with 3 spoons of olive oil int he blender in 2 min. We put it aside.
  2. We season the lamb with the green herbs, salt, pepper and olive oil so that it keeps the meat juicy (as lamb is a slim meat).
  3. We fry the burgers 4 min each side. When they are ready, we put them out of the pan and let them rest until we prepare the grilled tomatoes and toast the buns. We can grill the tomatoes in the same pan as we used for frying the burgers. The burger fried oil and burnt bits will do good for the tomatoes. We grill them 2 minutes each side.
  4. We grill them 2 minutes each side. We can also toast the buns in the same pan. We spread feta whip on both sides of the toasted buns but the meat on, then the grilled tomatoes and the arugula.