Lemon curd gives an incomparable silkiness and taste experience. It is excellent with custard/pie and can be well combined with any type of fruits or it is also excellent with glass desserts. It is refreshing. It is often served with whipped egg white baked on top (meringue). This time I was using sugar-free coconut whip.


For:  1 baking form


  1. We knead the pie ingredients fast, and if needed we can add a little extra water. We put it in the fridge for minimum half an hour. After we roll it out to half a cm thickness and a round pie shape (it does not matter if it will look rustic). It can go to oven now (on a baking sheet or a buttered form) with the weight of beans for a 15-20 min baking time (190 C).
  2. I wash the organic lemons, clean them dry, and then I grade the lemon zest carefully to get any white pieces inside as it would make it bitter. I put the juice of the lemon and the sugar together with the beaten eggs. Then I put the mix over the water steam and turn it until it starts to get thicker. When we reached this texture, we put it off the heat, and we can add the butter (room temperature) and the lemon zest. We mix well the cream and the butter and it can go on the pie.
  3. We decorate it with whipped cream and fruits (I was using coconut cream and raspberry. Since I had lemon balm in my garden, I found it just perfect to decorate the cake with it.

Recipe notes

We can twist it with basil too!