For:  4 people


  1. We warm up the mang puree, add the sugar and the pektin mixed with a little sugar. We bring it to the boil. We put the gelatin in ice-water. We warm up the cream to 60 degrees then we put in the gelatin then we whip it.
  2. We melt the white chocolate then we add it to the cream. We whip the egg white and we add itt o the cream, then we mix it with the puree. We put the mix in a bread baking pot and put it in the freezer. We make the base cake by mixing the nuts and the dried fruits with the maple syrup.
  3. Then we put it in between two sheets of folia and we make it for the size of the pot to cover the mousse. We cool it for a few hours before serving. We can decorate it with fresh mango.

Recipe notes

Tip: If we cannot buy mango puree, we can make it from fresh mango just we have to cook it smooth and then mix with the hand mixer.