My daddy used to make this dish when we were children, I have learnt to make it from him. I have only modified a bit on it. He used to make it always with pork, I have made mine with beef, and I mix mushroom to the lecso based stew. So this way, we eat a some more vegetables and it is healthier


For:  4 people


  1. We prepare the stew with lecso. We stir the onion, put the paprika and the tomatoes. We stir it for about 5 min. We can add the ground beef also, we continue stirring for another 5 min. We can add the mushrooms too. We continue stirring for another 5 min. We only add the spices before we pour a little water on. We make a thick stew. At the end we add some sour cream to cook it together. In the meanwhile we cook the macaroni a 1-2 min shorter than the time given since it will still „cook” in the oven.
  2. We take some stew sauce out from the stew and mix it with the sour cream. We mix the rest of the stew and the macaroni and put it in a heatproof plate. We put on the top the sour cream and grinded cheese on it. We put it in the oven for 20 min until the pasta on the sides gets a bit baked (crispy) and the cheese melts to golden brown.
  3. We can serve it with some more sour cream. And all kind of preserved or picked vegetables go well with this dish.