A pretty gingerbread house can even decorate our home during the advent period. We can prepare this dessert together with the family on a weekend day before Christmas. Have a pleasant time with this.



  1. We mush together the dough and with a cover we put it in the fridge for 2-3 hrs.
  2. Until our dough is resting, we can prepare the house models from paper. base: 220mm × 170mm rectangle - 1 pc sidewalls: 130×80 mm rectangle - 2 pcs back and front wall: 100mm wide,80mm high, in the middle the roof top should be 12,5 mm – 2 pcs We take the dough out of the fridge, we roll it out for 3-4 mm thick sheet. We put the models on it (what fits on it in the first round) and cut them out. We should carefully fit the pieces of the house on the baking sheet. We should bake it for 10-15 min until the ginger bread starts to get golden brown on a 180-185 degrees.
  3. The building of the ginger bread house: We should prepare the icing. We should stir the raw egg white with the powder sugar. We should put from this mix a few spoons to a decorating sack. We should set the sides on the house base.
  4. We should put a line from the sack on the edges of the house sides and press the elements together. We should leave it for 5-10 min to dry. When we feel that they have already stuck together, we should also fix the roof edges together. We should hold the roof until the stick holds. After drying (about half an hour), we can start decorating it. It is up to your creativity, both regarding colors and motives. You can see my decorations on the photos.

Recipe notes