In my opinion zserbó is most elegant Hungarian tea-time cake. I make it with a lot of walnut and home-made apricot marmalade. I hardly use sugar, and if I do, it is always xylitol. Zserbó is a traditional Christmas cake which would be able to last until the New Year if we did not eat it… I have just made it, so by Christmas the tastes come well together.


For:  30 pieces


  1. We turn the baking powder in the flour, and then we crumble the butter in. We let the yeast run up in the luke-warm milk with a bit of sugar. We add the egg and the 2 T powder sugar, then we can add the yeast with the milk and the oil too. We can make the dough ready int he mixer.
  2. We divide the dough into 4 equal parts and we roll out 4 sheets for the size of the baking pan. We put on each sheet marmalade and sugared walnuts too. Then we close it with a sheet. We cover the cake with a table cloth and let it raise for 1 hour, then we put it in a 180 degree oven for about 35-40 min.
  3. We make the top chocolate cover over a steaming pot with the butter and a little salt. We are going to cover our cake top with this. I slice up the cake before the chocolate would get harder. When it is cooled, I put them in a box and hide it well until Christmas. I leave out the sides for tasting.