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Fried halibut with fresh zucchini and seasoned potato chips

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Fish is a traditional dish on Christmas Eve in Hungary. Housewives regularly make traditional Hungarian fish soup or fish in breadcrumbs. I am bringing you now a light and healthy fish dish for the holidays. It's fried halibut with fresh zucchini and seasoned potato chips


Thin flank filled and beetroot salad

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This is a type of dish that we can have our butcher help with the bigger part. The thin flank needs to have a sack opened for the filling. This is what our butcher will do for us. The rest of the steps are real simple. We can fill the meat with anything now I am going to show you my variation. The salad is easy and it goes well with this dish and it makes it also colorful. Therefore we can make it festive dish on the Christmas table.


Making a gingerbread house

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A pretty gingerbread house can even decorate our home during the advent period. We can prepare this dessert together with the family on a weekend day before Christmas. Have a pleasant time with this.


Roasted duck leg with plum & red onions

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This is an excellent healthy dish for the holidays, even for Christmas day. It is not too complicated to preapare it, it does not require a constant presence int he kitchen since we make it all ready in the oven. Surely, our family will be loving this dish. For me duck leg is a holiday dish which goes great with the plum, onion and rosemary combination. The plum is from our garden, I have taken them out of the freezer.


Preparing kocsonya

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Hungarian traditional winter aspic dish. I like to prepare the kocsonya always a few days before Christmas, because if we are Hungary in the morning or in the evening, we have something in the house to eat and we can stay lazy during the Xmas holidays. I am also happy to serve with a plate of kocsonya, which they are pleased with. I experience that a lot of women (housewives) would not start making kocsonya, but trust me it is worth it, since it is not at all difficult to make. To tell the truth it only takes long to make. You need one of your Saturdays for that. But in the meanwhile we can have something else to do such as packing presents, baking a cake or just stay lazy on the couch.