In my childhood we used to eat this tasty, filling and cheap dish after a good soup at my grandma’s. I watched my grandma making the dough and then she did involve me in the formation of the dumplings after she rolled them out. Most of the recipes on the internet also have an egg added as an ingredient but I have learnt from grandma that it needs only cooked potatoes, flour and salt that makes this dumplings. Some people also add a bit of baking powder too, it brings them a little higher. We like to eat it pure only with some salt however it can also be a nice side dish with a thick beef stew or with roasts too.


For:  4 people


  1. We cook the potatoes ready in salty water. After we press through the potatoes and give some more salt. We let it cool completely, as in this case it will not take as much flour as if we would mix them already warm. We mix the cooled potatoes with the flour and the baking powder. We roll out the dough on a floury surface. We make the round forms with a help of a cup or a tool for this. We fry it in oil in a few minutes.