Pancakes is one of my temptations. Whenever I smell it getting made, I immediately have a desire for it. And for me the filling does not matter, I like it all. I have quite a routine in making them, it takes me a short 20 min. However, I like if the dough can rest a bit before frying them.


For:  2 people


  1. We make a smooth dough pancake. If we do not have fizzy water at home we can also replace it with still. In this case, the pancakes will not be so light and airy.
  2. Since we are frying them on ghee, there will be no oil smell in our kitchen, we can only smell the pancakes. We heat up the pancake pan. We put in little ghee ( an edge of a knife). We spread about half a ladleful dough in the pan so that we get a thin pancake. We fry both sides.
  3. I have filled them with nutella, jam and cottage cheese. I do not use eggs in the cottage cheese cream. I turn the cottage cheese creamy (about 100 g), I add a spoon of country-side sour cream, 1 lemon’s zest, 1 t vanilla, 1 T xylitol (powder) and I mix it well. I add a spoon of raisin to it. I fill this cream to the pancake. Have fun!