This dish brings good memories of my grandma. And of course the half done aluminum spoon that she used to make the dumplings with, as the spoon got half size (half of it was basically gone) by the dumplings making… Already the smell of my grandma’s soup was attarctive, but the taste was just incomparable. This can be a main dish for people on fasting. But the others will not miss meat from this vegetable soup dish either.



  1. We make the base for the soup by stirring the onion then we can add the vegetables. We continue stirring with the vegetables. For the moment without spices still. We can add the tomatoes and we continue stirring on a middle heat covered with a lid. Now we can add salt and pepper too. When the tomatoes start to cook ready in about 5-10 min, we can add the red paprika powder (a little teaspoon), and then after turning it, fill it with as much water as thick we want our soup to be. We cook it ready in 45 min.
  2. Until the soup is cooking, we can mix the dumplings. We do not add any water to it. We add to the egg as much water as it takes to have a good dumpling texture (the Hungarian “nokedli”), then we salt it. We can season it with fresh parsley so we have a parsley dumpling in our soup giving an extra taste to each bite we take it. We use a spoon to put little bit in the soup, it will cook in 3 min ready. Then we stop the soup.