I have bought some spring parsnips that was full of parsley. This gave the idea to cook a cream soup out of it. The fresh characteristic taste of the parsley was well compensated with the butter and the cream. The garlic crouton harmonizes well with the soup.


For:  4 people


  1. We should cook a good based vegetable soup in which we should cook some potatoes too because this is what we shall use to thicken our cream soup afterwards together with the parsnip. While the cream soup is getting cooked, we should blansir the parsley bunches i.e. drop them for a minute to boiling water and then to ice-cold water immediately afterwards so that they will keep their shiny vivid color in the soup. We should cook the vegetable soup this time in more water so that we have left for the veggie soup itself as well some sauce and for the cream soup too as we shall use this liquid for the base of the cream soup.
  2. So we take out from the soup the potatoes, the parsnip and approx. . 1,2 l vegetable soup to make our cream soup. We add the parsley that we blansired and use the hand mixer to mix it together, then we add the cream mix it again. We can put it back to the heat to cook it to the boil with the cream. Then we take it off the heat and add a cube of butter to it in order to make the soup silky-creamy. We season it with some more spice if we like (some chili maybe).
  3. We can prepare the home-made croutons. We half-toast the bread on some grape-seed oil then we add the garlic and toast them ready. We can add some sea-salt to it.