Peach and red-currant proved to be a pleasant combination, I can only recommend it. I have made simple dough (needs only mixing, cup-measured). It could be the best choice for the summer for some sweet-threat. It is good to hide the summer fruits in cakes for our family to get some vitamins from sweets too. In order to have a healthy dessert, instead of wheat flour we are going to use almond and coconut flour, and instead of sugar we are going to use xylitol. This all proves that we are going to make a reform pie.


For:  4 people


  1. Except the fruits, we mix the ingredients well. We clean the peaches and cut them into slices. We butter a cake-baking form and pour the dough in, on top of it, we put the fruits, and then the almond sticks. In half an hour, we bake the cake on 200 degrees C. Before serving, we sprinkle it with powder sugar (xylitol).

Recipe notes

We can replace the fruits with any kind of fruits (cherries, plum, blue berries).