I like to bake pizza at home because it has a nice smell that brings an Italian mood into our kitchen. But it is also good to get rid of the leftovers of the fridge since we can put everything on the pizza just depending on our creativity. I had at home some beef at home (about 150 g), from which I have made a thick Bolognese sauce so part of the pizza I used that sauce. For the other part I have used some ham. I had some mushrooms, corn and a lot of cheese to put on.


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  1. We make the pizza pasta similar to other growing dough with yeast. We put into pieces the yeast in the milk and sugar mix and let it run up ( about 15 min).
  2. We put space in the flour in the middle and pour in t ere the yeast and milk mix, the water, and the oil and another teaspoon of sugar and salt and mix it well a dough (I used a kitchen aid). The dough is good when it comes off the pot and is not sticky.
  3. . We cover it with a table cloth and we let it grow in a warm place, or we can put it in an oven heated up to 50 degrees and we let the door of the oven a bit open. We let it here grow double in half an hour. We roll it out to the size of the oven pot and we put all the goodies on to make our own pizza. We put it in a 200 degree oven and make it ready in about 10-15 min.

Recipe notes

Good advice: first we always put a basic tomato sauce (spiced with some oregano and basil) on the pizza pasta, then we put grinded cheese on it and the rest of the ingredients we have. I have put some chees also on the top, so the Bolognese sauce could not dry out between the cheese layers.