For:  1 24x36 cm skillet


  1. We clean and pit the plums. Before we put it on the dough, we turn them in cinnamon and almond flour.
  2. We mix the egg yellows and the soft egg with the powder sugar, the vanilla and the lemon zest. We make a hard whip from the egg whites by adding the sugar spoon by spoon, so that we can get a hard whipped egg white. We add this spoon by spoon to the egg yellow mix and slowly turn it in, and then we add spoon by spoon the flour-baking powder mix. We put the dough in a buttered-floured baking pot, put the plums on top .
  3. We put the dough with the plum in a 200 degree pre-heated oven, and then we put the oven back for 190. We bake it ready in 35 min. We scatter it with powder sugar (xylitol).
  4. It has a pleasant taste; the plum becomes real creamy like a marmalade.