This is a real filling dish, it may be a good idea for a Sunday family lunch. I love in this dish the caramelized onions and the meat that is crispy from the outside and nice grilled and soft from the inside. And after all, I love the potatoes that have crispy well baked edges. The tastes harmonically combine and bake together in the oven.


For:  4 people


  1. We clean the pork leg, take the skin off but leave the other fatty part on as they will help the meat bake soft and juicy. We can as well leave the skin on them, and then we need to bake it longer. We also bone out the leg and then cut in in bigger chunks, season it and put in in a pre-larded pot.
  2. We cut the onions in quarters and cut the potatoes in bigger chunks too and we sit them around the pork leg pieces int he pot. We put some more lard on the top and a little more seasoning if we like.
  3. First we bake it on 170 degrees under a foil for about 1,5 hrs. We remove the foil and then we continue baking for another hour and time to time pour its own juice over the meat. At the end I put it on grill for another 15-20 min. We can higher the temperature to 190-200 for the last bit.
  4. Baked pork leg will go the best with some home-made pickles.