Hungarian traditional winter aspic dish. I like to prepare the kocsonya always a few days before Christmas, because if we are Hungary in the morning or in the evening, we have something in the house to eat and we can stay lazy during the Xmas holidays. I am also happy to serve with a plate of kocsonya, which they are pleased with. I experience that a lot of women (housewives) would not start making kocsonya, but trust me it is worth it, since it is not at all difficult to make. To tell the truth it only takes long to make. You need one of your Saturdays for that. But in the meanwhile we can have something else to do such as packing presents, baking a cake or just stay lazy on the couch.


For:  6

  • 1,5 kg pork so to say kocsonya meat (don’t get frightened,  pig ear, pig tail, pig nose, pig toes, or the leg of the pig (smoked or natural), a bit of pig skin, and a good amount of real nice meat (I like to serve most of my plates with real meat), I like to add smoked meat as well to the kocsonya, it makes the aspic tastier. However, if we are not so sure, we should give the chance to the butcher to put us together a kocsonya package.
  • 3 onions without peeling
  • 2 heads of garlic without peeling
  • salt, pepper
  • a bay leaf or two
  • strong paprika
  • blansiert carrots and hard-boiled eggs for the serving


  1. We start cooking the kocsonya meat in a good amount of cold water. When it has boiled , we take of the foam that has come out of the meat and skins, however, we can as well change the complete water, that is what I like to do. Afterwards we put in the spices, the onions and salt. If we also put in smoked meat we should take care with salting.
  2. Without a lid, on a small flame, we slowly cook the meat. It will take some hours.
  3. When the meat is completely soft cooked, and we start to smell that special kocsonya smell, we are ready. We pick out all the meat and skins and pieces to let it cool. We take the bones out if there is any, and proportion them in plates with some meat and some skinny parts too if some like it that way.
  4. We should put in each plate a piece of blansired carrot and a quarter of a hardboiled egg. Then we can serve the aspic over the meat, carrot and egg quarter. We are ready with plating. We should let it cool on a cool place such as your pantry or the outside your balcony or in the fridge. In a few hours you can already taste them. Kocsonya is a really practical dish, since it lasts for days. However, it is not sure that you run out of it pretty fast. Enjoy your meal!