Quinoa salad with roasted vegetables, toasted pine nuts and green herbs - Quinoa is a plant growing in Peru and Bolivia, it belongs to the family of beet root. It is not a grain. It is gluten free and it has very low calorie content, so anybody on a diet can easy go for it as well. Quinoa is an excellent protein source. It contains all the amino acids that our body cannot produce itself.


For:  2 peope


  1. I soak the quinoa in water for a night so that the seeds get well cleaned off and it becomes more digestible. After soaking I wash it through several times, and then I cook it in the double amount of water as the quinoa (about 20 min cooking time). I have used stock instead of water and I added one bay leaf to it.
  2. Meanwhile quinoa is cooking; I can prepare the vegetables for the grill. I set the oven for grill function and I roast the veggies on ghee (or olive oil) in about 20-25 minutes. I toast the pine nuts. I cut up the parsley and the mint. When the veggies are roasted I cut that up too into small cubes. I drain the cooked quinoa and I mix it with a fork to become a little fluffy. I add the veggies, herbs and nuts to the quinoa. I pour extra virgin olive oil and fresh lime juice on it. Our salad is ready!

Recipe notes

Tip: it is excellent for grilled meat; if we are trying it for the first time; we can mix it half and half