I am keen on kale. It is an excellent source of calcium and Vitamin A besides, it has also a high content of Vitamin B. The darker its color is the more intensive its taste is and the higher its chlorophyll content that is the hidden sun energy and source of life. Kale you can get all the year round and you can make so many different dishes out of it. Now I recommend you a simple layered kale that is not only colorful and good looking dish, but is is really delicious.


For:  4 people


  1. We clean the kale. We take the darker outer leaves off and cut the inner harder part out. We are going to blansir these leaves. Blansiring is to put the leaves in boiling salty water for a few minutes (approx. 3 min) then we put them in ice-cold water for a few minutes. This way they shall keep their gorgeous green color even after a second heat-treatment. We are done with this we put these leaves apart.
  2. We prepare a thick stew from the minced meat. We stir the onions on little baking oil then we put the minced meat on it and stir it on. We put red paprika powder on it and add the spicy paprika rounds too. We put some water on it just to cover the meat and cook a thick stew in approx. half an hour. Until the meat is cooking ready, we cook the rice too in double amount of salty water. Of course I stir the rice ahead on a bit of ghee. We cover the rice with a lid and when the water is cooked away, we are ready. We do not have to turn the rice during the cooking, otherwise it would get sticky. It will take around 20 min to cook it ready. When the stew is also done, we mix it with the rice.
  3. After we prepare the stirred kale. We stir the lard and the sausage on a bit of ghee. Then we add the stripped kale and continue stirring. It should be ready in about 10 min. At the end we season it with salt and pepper.
  4. Then we fill the mixed rice and meat in the kale leaves we blansired earlier. We put on the bottom of the baking pot a layer of stirred kale & sausage then we lay in the filled kale rolls next to each other. We have some left out filling, then we can put it in the middle in between the kale rolls. We can put the stirred kale over the top too. Then we put some grinded cheese and sour cream on it. We put it in the oven for half an hour on 190 degree to bake it together.