You will never forget this combination of tastes! It is heavenly!


For:  1 cake


  1. We prepare the sponge cake. We whip the egg yellows and the sugar with the vanilla. We also whip hard the egg whites with a pinch of salt, and we add it spoon by spoon to the egg yellow whip. We are mixing slow so that the whip does not break and it stays airy. We also add the cacao-baking powder flour mix to it as well spoon by spoon. We bake it in the oven for 30 min on 190 degrees. During the baking time, we do not open the oven door (otherwise it would shrink and not grow nice big). If it is ready, we let it cool down.
  2. Until the sponge is baking, we can prepare the ganache and the raspberry cream.
  3. We warm up the cream for the ganache, but we do not bring it to the boil. We can put in the chocolate bars when it is hot, then take it off the heat, and turn it well to melt in the chocolate. We let it cool and get a little thicker.
  4. For the raspberry cream, we boil up the ingredients and cook it for 5 min. When it is ready we can filter the sauce from the raspberry seeds. We mix in two sheets of gelatin to the sauce and mix it in well. We whip the coconut cream and we add itt o the raspberry sauce. We shall cover the cake with this cream.
  5. When we are ready with everything, we can put the cake together. We cut into two (in the middle) the sponge cake and we pour the ganache on it. Then we can put raspberries on the ganache. Then we cover it with the other part of the sponge. We can pour the raspberry cream on the top and decorate with some fresh raspberry.