Attention: From the plant rhubarb you can only it its stem that has a pinkish-bordo color. The leaves are poisonous. Luckily on the markets they only sell its stem. but those who have it in their garden should pay attention to this. The sour taste of the rhubarb goes well with the sweetness of the strawberries that is why we combine them. I had to figure out how to serve this nice compote. I decided a coconut milk rice that is glass dessert for us.


For:  300 ml


  1. We cut into small cubes the stem of the rhubarb. We boil up the sugar water with spices and reduce it back to half in order to make a syrup (in about 5 min), then we put in the rhubarbs and boil it for about 2 min.
  2. Then we add the strawberries and then we can take it off the heat and our compote is ready. We put it on the top of the coco rice then we decorate it with fresh strawberries and mint.