For:  4 people


  1. We cook the apple compote with the given ingredients for about 5 min from the boiling. When it is ready, we can put it aside.
  2. We chop up the vegetables for the green couscous. We put the couscous in double amount of hot water as the amount of couscous and we cover it. If it has sucked up the water, it is ready. We turn it around with a fork to make it fluffy a bit. We fry the zucchini with the garlic. The rest of the ingredients we are going to use raw in the couscous together with the green herbs. We pour the lime juice over as well as the olive oil. We put salt& pepper as needed. I also put some chili on it.
  3. We clean the film skin of the liver and wash it well through, and then we dry them with a paper towel. We fry both sides on duck liver in duck fat (or goose fat) that they get golden brown. Do not over fry them.

Recipe notes

The roast duck liver with the ginger apple compote and the green couscous is a healthy filling dish. The liver contains a lot of iron and the vegetables contain a lot of chlorophyll.
Bon appetite!