This is an excellent healthy dish for the holidays, even for Christmas day. It is not too complicated to preapare it, it does not require a constant presence int he kitchen since we make it all ready in the oven. Surely, our family will be loving this dish. For me duck leg is a holiday dish which goes great with the plum, onion and rosemary combination. The plum is from our garden, I have taken them out of the freezer.


For:  4 people


  1. We clean the room-tempeartured duck legs and cream them with some fat, then we can put salt& pepper and the rosemary on them. We also put some fat in the pot but not too much since the fat from the duck skin will also come out.
  2. We can put the half-cut plum and quartered onions and the garlic. We lay the ducks on them. We bake them with a foil covered for 1,5 h on 190 degrees and then we can just grill them for another half an hour without covering them to get a crispy skin. We serve the duck legs with the plum&onins but we can also add some potatoes if we wish.