Roasted duck leg with red cabbage and apple and nutmeg potato purée.


For:  2 person


  1. We wash the duck legs, dry them off and season them. We put them in the oven for 170 degrees for 1,5 h covered with foil then without another hour to get soft duck legs.
  2. Until our duck legs are getting baked, we can prepare the cabbage and the apples. We cut out the stubble of the half cabbage then, slice them into stripes. We cut up the apple into slices, so that that they are still visible after (the texture stays apple, ). We dice up the onion, we fry it on some fat, and we add the cabbage. We season it with salt & pepper and put cumin too as per our taste. We sprinkle it with a bit of sugar (xylitol). We cover it and steam it for about half an hour. Then we can add the apples and steam it ready (about 5 more min).
  3. We clean the potatoes , wash them, cut them up like we want since we are making a puree. We cook it ready in salty water in about 15-20 min. We prepare the puree. Nutmeg is quite intensive, so we should take care when seasoning with that.