Rose duck breast with parmesan baked vegetables and pear compote


For:  2 people


  1. We heat the oven for 200 degrees C. We clean the veggies and slice them up into rounds and we put the broccoli heads apart. We put the vegetables on some ghee in the oven and we put on top of them the mix of parmesan and bread crumbs. It can go to the oven for 30 min. In the last 5 min we put it on grill function.
  2. We clean the pear and cut it up into wedges. We put it on the cooker in a little water with some sugar, cinnamon, cloves and vanilla. If it boils, we put the heat back to low and cook it for about 10 min.
  3. We cut in the fat skin of the duck breast as you can see on the picture. We also cut the meat around into a square shape and cut off from the bottom the hanging off bits. These parts I keep for a stock later, I freeze them. We spice the breasts and put them in the hot dry pan with the skin down. We let the fat bake out. When we have too much fat in the pan, we pour it off so that the skin can get crispy.
  4. We bake it on the fat side for about 5 min on medium-high heat. Then we turn it and fry it on the other side too for another 5 min together with the rosemary and the unpeeled garlic to get the aroma in the meat. Then we can put the pan with the meat in the oven for 200 degrees C when we are just putting the oven on grill function for the last 5 min of the veggies. For the duck breast this time shall be just enough too.
  5. We bake everything ready and plate.