My mum makes the most delicious sour cabbage & stew that is why mine tastes similar to hers. This can be an excellent dish in between the holidays since it is does not take too long to make it, and it is a bit like kocsonya, we can eat it for days and it does last for days. It is on top of all, an excellent immune strengthener therefore I only wash it through once before cooking so that all the good beneficial vitamins stay in there.


For:  4 people


  1. We cook a stew from the meat. The pork medallions cook fast, approx. in 30 min it should be ready. We add the sausage and the bay leaf just before it is ready.
  2. Then we can add the sour cabbage too. We pour as much water on it as it is needed to cover it and we cook it ready. We have not to cook it too long so we can keep all the useful vitamins in the cabbage. We season it with salt and pepper if needed. We serve it with sour cream.