Spring lecso with home-made noodles -mushroom-pea-paprika lecso (a Hungarian type of ratatouille)


For:  4 people


  1. I clean up the vegetables and I cut them up for the lecso. I fry the onions, I add the paprika and the tomato and the garlic, I season it with salt and pepper and I cook them a bit. Then we can add the mushrooms and the peas.
  2. We do not necessarily have to add any water as the mushroom and the other veggies will release as much as needed. We further season it with salt and pepper. When it already has let some water out, we can add the red paprika powder. We cook it ready in about 30 minutes.
  1. . In the meanwhile, we can prepare the noodles. We mix the flour with the eggs, salt and some water. We can put water in a big pot to boil. When the water is boiling, we add salt to it and we start making the noodles either by hand or by a special tool for small noodles. When the pasta comes up to the top of the pot, we continue cooking them for 1-2 minutes, then we can strain them. I have used whole grain flour for my noodles.