We have already persevered a good amount of strawberries with my husband this year, of course all of them are sugar free. We have made natural strawberry jam and marmalade too. There are some that we seasoned with basil, ginger, vanilla and lemon, rhubarb or cherry. We sweetened all with xylitol and used pectin to make it jelly. You can enjoy the sun in a jar even in winter in a healthy way.


For:  2400 ml


  1. We put the clean strawberries in a pot, add the xylitol and the pectin too. The latter we should mix with a bit of xylitol before adding it to the fruits. We boil it up all and then put it in sterile jars (I cook them before using them). For a few min. we turn the jars upside down and then turn them back, and let them cool out under a cover slowly in 1-2 days.
  2. Strawberry jam with basil: When the jam is boiled up and ready, we add 12 pcs of basil and boil it together in a min or so. We put them in jars and do as above.
  3. Strawberry jam with ginger: Before cooking the strawberries we add 100 g peeled ginger to the strawberries and add the pectin and the sweetener too. We can also add (I did) half a lemon’s juice.
  4. Strawberry jam with vanilla and lemon: During the cooking add a whole lemon’s juice and 2 t vanilla powder and cook the jam.
  5. Strawberry jam with rhubarb: We can add 3-3 sticks of rhubarb to the strawberries when they are already cooked and cook it on for another 2 min with the rhubarb.
  6. Strawberry jam with cherries 1 kg strawberries and 1 kg cherries we cook together as above. I like to make this that the fruits stay whole pieces so we can make a difference clearly during eating it.