I have earlier in a post I have written you how I make tiramisu. Just and only without raw eggs and with xylitol. I use whole-wheat baby sponge. It is an excellent dessert for guests too.



  1. We mix with a hand mixer the cream cheeses and the coconut cream, the xylitol, vanilla powder, lemon zest, and half a lemon juice to it and whip it. We blend the strawberries with the vanilla powder and turn the sponge pieces in there, we lay these sponge a layer, then comes some spoons of the strawberry mix. We spread the cheese cream whip over this layer. Then again we put a layer of sponge and strawberry mix and finish it with the cream.
  2. We can decorate it with lemon grass or mint or basil leaves too and of course use some beautiful strawberries too.