For:  2 people


  1. We season the whole medallion (without slicing) with salt and pepper, then we fry it in a pan to have a crust around the meat in some ghee, we can add some unpeeled garlic too to further season it. Then we put it in the oven for 20 min to bake it ready. When it is ready, we should let it rest for 10 min before slicing up.
  2. For the stroganoff sauce, we slice up the mushrooms and the cucumber. We cut up the onion small, and then we fry it in pan where we fried the meat. We can add some extra ghee if needed. After frying the onions, we can add the mushrooms to fry too. We season it with salt & pepper. We can add the cucumber and the mustard too. We turn it well, then pour in the cream and bring it to the boil. We are ready with the sauce.
  3. We fry the carrots and the peas on little ghee in about 5 min for the vegetable rice. We season it with salt & pepper. We fry the rice on little ghee then pour the water on it and cook it ready in about 20 min. When it is done, we mix it with the veggies.