For:  4 people


  1. We clean the chicken, wash it and dry it. We can season it with salt & pepper and red paprika powder.
  2. We prepare the filling until the chiken sets in the seasoning. We fry the onion (small cut) then we can add the mushrooms (also very small cut) and fry it too (about 5 min). Then we put the filling together, when the onion and mushroom are cool, we add that too to the filling.
  3. We also add the chicken liver to the filling very small cut. We put the filling in the chicken and also to under the skin by the breast. If we have any filling left, we can form some balls and put it next to the chicken to bake and we bake it together with the vegetables we chose in bigger pieces cut.
  4. The meat will get a crispy skin after about 2 hrs: I baked it under the foil for 1,5 hrs and then for half an hour I grilled it.