Stuffed Paprika - with a tomato-kapia sauce and new potatoes


For:  4 people


  1. We prepare the kapia paprika for the baking: we cut them in halves, season it with salt and we pour olive oil on it. It can go to the oven until the skin gets a little blackened (grill function). When it is done we put them aside for the sauce later on. We should cover them with foil as it will be easier to get the skin off before adding them to the tomato sauce.
  2. Now we can prepare the filling: we wash through the rise, we wash the minced meat as well, we season it with salt and pepper and a bit of roman cumin. We sauté the onion and the garlic and add them to the filling. We mix it well and fill the 8 white paprikas with them.
  3. We blansire the tomatoes in 30 seconds then drop them in ice-cold water so that the skin can easy come off. We sauté the onion on a bit of an olive oil, then we add the tomatoes and the sliced kapia paprika. We let it cook on a slow heat. Then we add the green herbs, season it with salt and pepper.
  4. In the meanwhile I fry the stuffed paprika on olive oil so that we get the paprika a little grilled before adding them to the sauce. It will do them good.
  5. We add some water to the tomato sauce so that it will cover just about cover the stuffed paprika that we just put in. They should cook for about 50-60 min in the sauce. In the meanwhile we cook the new potatoes in salty water.