Due to the summer holiday season and to coincidence, this time when I made this wonderful sweet bread I had a tiny help too. The 6-year old neighbor kid was just over by us when I was just kneading the dough. She could smell the scent of the rising bread when I started to stretch out the dough. She came over to me and proposed her help in anything I need. I was more than happy to say yes to her. So we were filling the sweet bread together with my little help on a summer morning. She could hardly wait for the sweet bread to bake ready by that time all the kitchen smelled through gorgeous sweet bread smell. The girl took home so proudly the 10 pieces she filled herself. It was an experience to bake together with her. szilvas-batyu-1


For:  20 pieces


  1. We crumble the flour, salt and butter. We warm up the milk to lukewarm temp. We add the powder sugar and we let the yeast to run, then we add the egg yellows too. We mix the yeast part and the flour part and we can knead it with the kitchen aid or by hand. We let the dough grow in a warmer place covered with a table cloth.
  2. We roll it through once more and then stretch it out on a flour desk into a rectangle kind. We cut it for 5-6 cm squares. We spread egg around the edges so that they will stick together.
  3. We mix the ingredients for the filling; we fill the squares and shape it into a basket or a roll. We put them on a baking paper sheeted oven pan and cover them for another 15 min to rest. Then we spread egg on the top of each. We put in in a 170 degree oven for 15-20 min to bake them ready golden brown.
  4. We scatter it with powder sugar before serving (I use xylitol).