Vegetable Bolognese - with bacon and fusilli (from durum pasta)


For:  2 people


  1. We cut the veggies small, the zucchini and the carrots I grade. We cut the bacon into small cubes and fry it. We can add the onions (small cut) and the pressed garlic), we fry them too. We can add the vegetables. We continue frying. We season it with salt and pepper, after about 5 min frying we can add the tomatoes (the skin I take off beforehand). The easiest way is to blansire the tomatoes for half a minute and then put them in ice-water and then the skin easy comes off. We can cook it ready with a cover in about 20 more min. At the end we can add the green herbs and cook it together in a few min.
  2. We cook the pasta in the meanwhile according to the instructions in salty water. When plating, we put parmesan on the top. Bon appetite!