Here is a reform cake with walnuts, which is so simple to make. On top of all, it is especially good to make walnut cakes in the winter time since the oily seeds walnut contains as much nutrition as a main dish can. Besides, walnut is also good for our circulation and our blood pressure too, besides it is full of beneficial minerals. It has a high level of vitamin-E which is good for our skin. So we should use walnut for baking or just eat it with cheese and apple, they are a magic winter combination.


For:  1 smaller cake pan


  1. I like to toast the walnuts just until you start to smell them. They give a better aroma to our cake this way. Then I grind it for the cake. We mix with a kitchen aid or hand mixer the ingredients of the cake.
  2. We pour it in a buttered-floured pan and we bake it ready in a 180 degree oven (approx. 25-30 min).
  3. When it got cooled, we mix the chocolate and the butter over a steaming pot and cover the cake with it. We wait until the chocolate cover cools down and then we can slice it up.