White bean soup with smoked meat and sausage. I love soups. They are handy when it is windy, rainy or sunny. It is so simple to make soups, it only takes time to make the preparations. When white beans have a season I always cook a good soup out of them. We eat it as a main dish for at least two days. Anyways, it is always better the second day when the different tastes come together.


For:  4 people


  1. We clean the vegetables and cut them in the same sizes. We also cut up the meat and the sausage too. We cut the onions small and we fry them, then we add the sausage and the smoked meat too and fry them a bit. We can add the vegetables. We steam them together. We can season it with salt and pepper and add some cumin and chili too.
  2. Then we can add some water as we wish. We can add the green herbs, the whole chili to taste (do not slice it up). When the beans have been cooked, then our soup is ready. I usually add some lemon juice or some vinegar to it.
  3. We can add some sour cream when plating the soup and some fresh parsley too.