This mousse is sweet from the white chocolate and becomes light from the sourness of the blueberry that goes well with it. To make this cake is easy so I would recommend it to beginners too.


For:  1 regular size cake form


  1. We prepare the sponge cake. We whip the egg yellows, sugar and vanilla. We also whip the egg white with a pinch of salt a hard whip. We add it spoon by spoon to the egg yellow changing with the flour mix. Then we put in in the oven for 190 degrees for 30 min baking time. In the meanwhile we cannot open the oven door. When it is baked we put it aside to cool.
  2. While the sponge is getting baked we can prepare the mousse and the blueberry sauce.
  3. First we make the white chocolate mousse. We whip the cream with xylitol and salt, then we add he mascarpone and the cooled melted chocolate spoon by spoon to the cream. Then we whip it all together. We can add the soaked and drained gelatin to the mousse and mix it. We put it in the fridge until use.
  4. We bring the berries to the boil with the all the ingredients and cook it for 5 min. When it is ready, we can add the gelatin to the hot sauce and keep all the berries in. We are going to drop the sauce on the chocolate mousse in between the layers.
  5. When we are ready with everything, all got cool; we can put the cake together. We cut up the sponge into two layers; we can spread it with white chocolate mousse and drop the blueberry sauce on it. We cover with the second layer and spread the rest of the mousse over the cake. We can decorate it with fresh blueberries. I put some candy figures on it too, but only for decoration and not for eating them this time.