This soup is an excellent comfort food after the Christmas period, from more of its advantages just to mention its enter cleaning effects. If we want to focus on cleaning our body, then just leave the meat out. There are several types of lentils. there is e.g. beluga lentils, that is small and dark colored, puy lentil, that is also smaller you can buy it in different colors. This time, since the holidays, I made my soup from gourmet mountain lentils, this also a smaller type. This soup is an excellent choice also for New Year’s Eve. I am sure I will make it again then since I could not go to bed on the 1st without eating lentils.


For:  4 people


  1. We stir the onions on little fat (I used goose fat this time). We add the carrots and the celery sticks then we can add the parsnip and the root as well. We also add the slices up sausage then the lentil.
  2. We can season it with salt & pepper and put a bit paprika powder on. If we are not cooking with spicy sausage then we should add some chili too. We can pour some water on it, depending on how thick we want to have our soup.
  3. We also add the bay leaves. We cook it ready in approx. 1 hr. We only add the fresh cut parsley 5 min before the soup is ready. We can serve. I usually plate it with a spoon of sour cream and a hot paprika slice.