Zucchini-marrow steamed with fresh dill (the Hungarian way)


For:  4 people


  1. We clean the onions and cut them in small, then we fry them in the oil. We also add the smashed garlic, then we fry that too. We can add half of the dill too we fry it so the aroma comes well out, We can add the marrow and zucchini cut the same size (with a mandolin if you have ). We season it with salt and pepper, we can also add the red paprika powder. We can add as much water as it covers the vegetables. We can cook it ready in about 15 min with a cover on it.
  2. We mix the sour cream and the cornstarch and do a heat balancing with the cold sour cream and a bit from the hot sauce. Then we add this to the marrows. We can add the rest of the fresh dill (cut small). We can season with some more salt and pepper if needed. We further season it with lemon juice. We are ready. I had some pork medallions left over so I was frying that to accompany the vegetable dish. Bon appetite!