I seldom go to the Budapest Central Market Hall, but what I have experienced there this time, encourages me to go back again. It has a nice atmosphere, the goods are fresh and quality, and on top of all, I had a great chat with some of the sellers there.

Since I had German guests all week, I asked them whether they wanted to join me to the market hall and look around. I promised them that they can buy there red paprika and garlic garland to take home with them.


We went to the market on a weekday in the late morning. There was no crowd, so we could do the shopping without standing in long ques. I was satisfied with the service and attitude of the sellers in the market. I like to pick the veggies and fruits for myself, so it was a rather positive experience that I could pick the goods I liked without someone telling me not to. At other places it has unfortunately already happened. Only one seller had a sign on every basket „no test”. I found that a bit strange. However, my husband tried to persuade me that it is normal, there is nothing wrong with that sign as if everyone would just pick and taste, half of the goods would be gone for free of charge by the end of the day. I could not be convinced still, as I have not seen any shuttle anywhere else.


On the Budapest Central Market Hall, the stands and shops are very logically organized. In the middle section, you can purchase most of the meats; however there are also some bakeries and some fruits and vegetable shops located in the middle part. From the main entrance to the left, you can shop for all seasonal fruits and vegetables with a perfect selection of different prices and qualities of the same kind. On the right side, we can pick from the exotic and special fruits and vegetables, so I could buy on this side a perfect mango for my salad. Also on the right side, you can buy Hungarian traditional spices and other cooking related stuff from the goulash cream to red paprika in different packaging from nice to glitch – whichever you prefer.
In the basement of the market hall, you can find the fish sellers, game seller and the fermented goods such as sour cabbage. I could buy perfect salmon steak by one of the fish sellers, and my Ms Mariska, I could buy perfect crispy and fresh leavened cucumber.


On the second floor of the market, you have the so called Hungarian bazar. My German guests found the goods sold there were very glitch. However, they left as well satisfied, since they could also purchase what they wanted. They were shopping…..

I believe I will go out more often to the Budapest Central Market Hall because it has a pleasant atmosphere, I like to chat with the sellers, and another aspect to consider is that all fresh and quality goods I can get at one place. Exactly the way I like it. Nonetheless, I will not miss my mini bio markets either.
I had only 5 minutes this time to hop in to the Asian spice shop. OMG that is a magical place! When I go next time to the Central Market Hall, I will definitely spend more time there, and I promise I will tell you about it too.