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Mango salad

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This simple Thai salad is not only visibly gorgeous and beautiful smelling but also we will do good to our health if we eat it with our without meat. It is an excellent summer side dish for grilled meat but we can as well serve it with striped fried chicken breast. It is important to buy ripe mango, the rest are seasonal vegetables so they are delicious anyways. I always try to use bio vegetables.


Coleslaw – American cabbage salad

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In the US it is a must to have coleslaw coming with your burger & fries order since it is well balancing the heavier dishes with its acidity, freshness and colorful look. On top of all, it is an excellent source of vitamins. Coleslaw is an exciting side dish or salad. The choice of the cabbage depends on our taste. I recommend to make it from two different types and colors, from red and white. We can as well add some savoy cabbage too if we like.


Quinoa salad

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Quinoa salad with roasted vegetables, toasted pine nuts and green herbs - Quinoa is a plant growing in Peru and Bolivia, it belongs to the family of beet root. It is not a grain. It is gluten free and it has very low calorie content, so anybody on a diet can easy go for it as well. Quinoa is an excellent protein source. It contains all the amino acids that our body cannot produce itself.