Who would think of eating the stem of beetroot or carrots? Maybe nobody however both is edible. Moreover, they are not only edible but they are also tasty.

We know mostly each vegetable in the culinary world for one of the edible part. Such a vegetable is tomato. However, there are vegetables that we know and we use two parts of them equally in the kitchen, such is parsnip of which we use both the root and the leaves and the stems too.
This is well known for most of us. Nonetheless, there are some vegetables that we can not only eat the roots or leaves but besides their early flowers, the taste of them is not so intense like we would eat the veggie itself.
Let us clear one thing. The leaves of the carrots are not poisonous, they are edible. The leaves have light carrot taste. If we blanch them before using, we can keep its green color. If we pick them fresh in spring, we can also put them to season our green salad mix.
Maybe not many people know that the kohlrabi’s leaves are also edible. We can fill them with some filling. From the kohlrabi itself, we can cook a soup or we can also fill them.
We also eat two part of the onion, since the spring onions are becoming real onions. Besides we can eat the leaves of broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber and peas.
From the fruits we can eat the leaves of the grapes which is best filled with meat.
Would you have thought that besides beetroot, all parts of the radish you can eat. Also you can eat all parts of the celery, broccoli – we can eat all parts above the ground.
And this is not all! We can eat the flower of the zucchini, that we can fry in batter or fill them with a kind of ragout.
From the fruits we can eat the flower of strawberries and elderberry. The latter we can fry in pancake batter.
From the green herbs we can eat the flower of chives, mint and basil. If we are lucky and catch the flowering, we can decorate our plate with them, and also they are edible but we can also mix in a salad.
It is important to know that there are some parts of some vegetables that cannot be eaten as they are poisonous. Such is the leaves of the rhubarb. They often make a compote from rhubarb or mix it with strawberries for a pie.
When I have shared my post and recipe on the beetroot, my followers were very interested. Not many people knew that you can eat the leaves and stem of the beetroot too. It is not only tasty but also decorative too. This encouraged me to share with you these interesting facts. Look for the recipes with secondary edible parts on my blog.