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Black mussels in white wine with fresh baguette

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By us the black mussels is rare, you don’t really come across with. So we do not eat it every day. But if by any chance we find some fresh by the Fisherman’s we can easy put together a romantic white wine dinner. We have recently made some according to my own recipe with my husband. We have prepared in 20 mins a magical dish which I can recommend you for the coming Valentine day too. They say mussels are aphrodisiacs.


Cauliflower „pizzabread”

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Are you ready to easy prepare a gluten-free, light and nutritious dish? Because this is going to be a pizza taste-like „pizza” that is made of cauliflower without adding any flour. It is important that we never overcook the cauliflower. From my childhood I only remember the taste of overcooked cauliflower, which was no real taste actually! But I gave this habit of my parents up! Cauliflower is a great antioxidant and it has Vitamin C content. It has anti-inflammatory effects and anti-cancerous features. It supports the digestive system.