We do not only like green herbs for its intensive aroma but also for their beneficial effects on our health. Thanks to my husband, our garden is full of green herbs in the summer time.

Thomas has a great passion for plants so he takes such a care of them. Therefore all plants are beautiful and we do have a lot all the season long.
We have chives that I often put on the top of a salad. I use the flower of the chives for plating to decorate with them.


We have plenty of thyme in our garden. Those I use for oven-baked meat or fried meat such as such breast, duck leg or lamb as thyme goes with these meats well. I use its white flowers for plating too.


Mint is the best summer cooler. Most of the time I make tea from the fresh mint. We do not only drink it hot but we also like to drink it cold with lots of ice, lemon or lime. Mint also suits well to Greek salad or other Greek dishes, it goes well with tzatziki or with any lamb dish.
Celery greens are the best choice to season a summer soup. I always use a whole bunch for my stuffed paprika dish too.
The most used herb of the summer is parsley that should not be missing from a single kitchen. Its freshness goes so well with any kind of salad, grilled meat or soup.
Basil is always handy too when we are cooking some Italian dishes. I make the Caprese with fresh basil, I also use it for all kinds of pasta dishes, e.g. with the avocado fusilli or spaghetti Bolognese. It goes well with mint and thyme too.


Greek basil is less intensive than the normal, with the big leaves. Its taste gives freshness to the salads as well as to the pasta dishes when plating them.
You can find all the above mentioned herbs in our garden and I use them daily for cooking. These greens make our dishes scented and look real inviting. They also have a good amount of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a kind of antioxidant and therefore it has anti-inflammatory effects. You should make a small herbs garden or herbs basket on the balcony or even on your counter so that you can always use fresh herbs for cooking.