K is a real character. He is my youngest friend from the culinary profession. By now he is a Junior Master Chef competitor. Because he got selected to the completion.

And it turned out, he is in! I would like to congratulate him and shall support him in whatever I can. I shall help this young talented, lively, full-of-life boy to fulfill his dreams and become the first Junior Master Chef in Hungary.

As I was earlier writing in my blog when we met with K I was teaching him a few kitchen tricks on meat frying too. When he visited me we made pork medallions together. During this time I gave him over all the knowledge I have on that.
And for God’s sake! K was expecting chicken for the trial cooking and kept practicing chicken at home too. And he got pork medallions to deal with on the trial cooking. And he made it the way we practiced. For a side dish he blansired broccoli, he made a carrot salad and a mustard cream sauce. A 12 year old boy! And he is in!

And he made me think. Why would he be interested in cooking! Why not in football? Water polo or surfing? Why would he rather go a to cooking camp this summer if the Konyhafőnök does not intervene. During our talks and cooking together I could feel the passion and excitement in him about the culinary world. He is a creative and open teenager, who asks a lot of questions, and how good questions they are!
The parents of Y love cooking, so my pupil has grown up in such a surrounding where they are using new basic materials and cook very creatively.
We have become friends on the FB too, since we have chatted a few times about cooking. We also agreed that we continue our culinary talks and preparation for the Junior Master Chef Completion.