Spring is in the air, just like the smell of the BBQ , 🙂 , everyone it is time for garden parties. What a great occasion to gather family and friends together and to spend some quality time outside in the garden, including the host of the party itself. Since on a good pre-prepared party the host should not be much to do either other than enjoying the time with her/his guests.

I have some good tip how to impress as a host.

Let everyone make their own dish!

It is an excellent idea to make a burger party where the guest can grill their own burger meat and put it together the way they like. They will enjoy this activity, trust me, since it challenges their creativity to choose from the ingredients offered on a table prepared in advance. It is great also for us, the host, that we do not have to stand around the grill the whole time. And it is a true experience for our guest too. You will see!

We should prepare the burger meat in advance. For a good burger you need to a bit of fat too. We should not overprice the meat. We can add a little salt and pepper and I add also a bit of Worchester sauce. I put it in my guests hands how they season the baked meat afterwards. We should always bake through the burger quite well at home. For the burgers’ ingredients table we can prepare the following: red and purple onions (sliced), tomato slices, salad, pickles, hot peppers, sauces, cheese slices, bacon and pineapples. The guest can grill these too. Plus, we should put own baked or bakery made burger rolls. The guest can toast these as well. Of course, what we prepare for this dish really depends on our taste and creativity.
Besides this, we can prepare coleslaw in advance and keep it in the fridge. This is an American cabbage salad. It is an excellent vitamin source in the spring and summer too.

Delicious finger food before and after

On the day of the garden party we can cut up some fresh seasonal fruits and some carrots and celery sticks and serve them with some dipping e.g. with a delicious blue cheese dip. These are great appetizers. You can find a lot of finger food ideas in my recipe collection on the cookingmania.hu .
As a dessert we can make some jarred desserts or some fruit pie. You can also find the recipes of such desserts on my website.

Concerning the drinks

Let’s take out from the back of our kitchen wardrobe all the big jars and bottles and make some vitamin water, lemonade, ice-tea, sangria or mojito. These we can all prepare before the arrival of our guests. We can use a half ice-filled barrow to cool the drinks. This looks cool and it is visible for everyone. It is a good idea to use muffin paper forms to cover or drinks and just make a whole on top of them for our straws.

This way, the bugs and bees cannot fly in our drinks. Another good idea is to cool ice-cubes with lemon, berries or mint leaves in the middle. They look cool and they can also be eaten.

What can also be useful

We should prepare for our guests some tools they can use for making their burgers. We should also prepare some cutlery, paper towel, napkins. This way, we do not have to run in and out when everybody is there. We should also prepare a rubbish bin for the rubbish.

From all the above one thing is clear that on a well-planned and prepared garden party the hosts themselves have nothing else to do than to enjoy it together with the guests. This is the target.
I wish everyone some nice garden party experience!